Quotations - 2019

Number Item Last date for submission
QUOTATION No. E1-14284/2019/A(1) Supply of camera with battery (3 Nos.) 5 PM on 06.04.2019
QUOTATION No. E1-14284/2019/A Supply of Breath Analyser, Reflective Jacket, Electronic Signal Baton, etc. 5 PM on 06.04.2019
QUOTATION No. E1-19702/2019/A Printing and Binding of Loksabha Election 2019 Bandobust Scheme Books 5 PM on 30.03.2019
QUOTATION No.02/2019 Supply of 1 KVA UPS 3 PM On 11.03.2019.
QUOTATION No.E178710/2018 Purchase of Digital Sound Level Meter 3 PM On 30/01/2019.