Alappuzha South Police Station

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This is very old Police Station is not available to ascertain the date or year of the Police Station. Originally it was known as ALAPPUZHA POLICE STATION. In 1948 November 28th this Police Station was divided into two as Alappuzha South Police Station and Alappuzha North Police Station. From that day onwards this station is known as Alappuzha South Police Station .

On the date of formation 22 wards of Alappuzha Muncipality are included in this Police Station limit. They are Sea View Ward, Factory Ward, Market Ward, Mullackal Ward, Thirumala Ward, Kalarkode ward, Neharu Trophy South ward, Pallathuruthy Ward, Zachariya Basar Ward, Beach Ward, Lajanath Ward, Alissery Ward, Vellakinar Ward, Puthiyangadi Ward, Muncipal Ward, Palace Ward, Thiruvambadi Ward, Chunkam Ward, Vadakkal Ward, Vattayal Ward, Kuthirapanthy Ward and Pazhaveed Ward.

Now 28 wards of Alappuzha Muncipality are in the limit of this Police station. They are Thirumala Ward, Pallathuruthy Ward, Kalarkode Ward, Kaithavana Ward, Pazhaveed Ward, Palace Ward, Mullakkal Ward, Vazhichery Ward, Muncipal Office Ward, AN Puram Ward, Thiruvambadi Ward, Sanathanapuaram Ward, Iravukad Ward, Mullathuvalappu Ward, Valiyamaram Ward, Muncipal Stadium Ward, Alissery Ward, Lajanath Ward, Valiyakulm Ward, Vattayal Ward, Kuthirapanthy Ward, Gurumandiram Ward, Vadakkal Ward, Beach Ward, Railway Station Ward, Zachariya Bazar, Civil Station ward and Part of Sea View Ward.

The new Police Station Building opened on 14.12.2003 and station inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister Smt. K.R Gauriamma Agricultural Minister.

Punnapra Out Post of the station is upgraded as charging station on 01.10.69 as per the GO(Rt) 1609/1969 Home dtd 24.09.69. Pallathuruthy Out Post is within the limit of Alappuzha South Police Station as per the notification published in the GO (Rt) No.1606/69 Home dtd 24.09.1969. Sanctioned strength is 1 Head Constable and 3 Constables.


The police station has only municipal area in its jurisdiction. The Magisterial jurisdiction of this police station in Alappuzha and northern side of this Police station is Alappuzha north Police station limit, Southern side is Punnapra Police Station limit, Eastern side is the Nedumudy Police Station limit and Western Side is the Arabian Sea.

The Jurisdiction comprised in 3 revenue villages namely Mullakkal Village, West Village and Pazhaveed Village 20 KARA are included in the three villages. The Magisterial jurisdiction of this police station are Judicial First Class Magistrate Court I, Asst. Sessions Court, Dist. Sessions Court, Fast Track I Fast Track II, Fast Track III, Mobile Court, Judicial First Class Magistrate Court I, Ramankary, and SDM Court Alappuzha

Sanctioned Strength of Police Station

4 - 2 23 68 0 0


1. Alappuzha


1. Alappuzha West Village
2. Mullakkal Village
3. Pazhaveed Village


1. St. Antony’s High School
2. Lajanath Higher Secondary School
3. Muhammedans Higher Secondary School
4. Muhammedans Girls High School
5. Govt. Girls High School
6. LEO XIII High School
7. St. Mary’s High School Vattayal
8. TD Higher Secondary School

Higher Education Institutions

1. Institute of Management and Study Center at University Information Center, SD College
2. Teacher’s Training College Muhammedans, Alappuzha


1. District Hospital
2. W&C Hospital
3. Dist Homeo Hospital.

Pilgrim Centres

1. Mullakkal Temple
2. Pazhavangadi Church
3. Thiruvambadi Temple
4. Jain Temple
5. Lathin Church
6. Padinjare Jama Ath Mosque

Railway Station

1. Alappuzha Railway Station

Govt. Offices

1. Collectrate
2. DPO
3. District Jail
4. DEO Office
5. Dist Lottery Office
6. Dist. Head Post Office
7. BSNL Office
8. PSC Office
9. Office of the Director Kerala State Water Transport
10. Alappuzha Fire Office
11. Dist Panchayath Office
12. Dist. Saksharatha Mission Office
13. Municipal Office
14. Dist. Treasury Office

Natural Calamities

Sea erosion in the Police Station limit is a recurring calamity in the Police Station limit. The period of sea erosion is the monsoon season. In 1968 it was in July last about 25 hut mends had to be removed and more than a hundred coconut trees washed ashore due to sea erosion. In 1969 about few houses was removed and 35 coconut trees were uprooted by the tidal waves.

Important Festivals

1. Mullakkal Chirappu
2. Beach Fest
3. Pazhaveed Bharani
4. Thiruvambadi Temple Festival
5. Lathin Church Festival
6. Eid Gah at Various Places in the Station Limit.

Tourism Importance

1. Alappuzha Beach
2. Pallathuruthy
3. Vembanad Lake Back Waters
4. Jain Temple
5. Light House