Nedumudy Police Station

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This police station was opened on 26.12.1980 and functioning in a rental building vide GO(RT) 322/1980 HomeDated 30.12.1980.At present the Nedumudy Police Station is functioning in newly constructed Govt building since 16.02.2010.The building is situated in 20.38 cents of land omprises in Sy.No.301/1 of Kainakary village in ward IV ofNedumudy Grama Panchayath.The new building is notified as a police station vide G.O(Rt)No.29/2010 Home dated04.01.2010 in Kerala zatte(Extra ordinary) dated 06.01.2010. No family quarters are available in this KL.01.AU.9974,Motor Cycle KL.01.BN.8468,Activa ScootarKL.01.BM.9524 and Speedboat No.XI are attached to this station.


1 Nedumudy village Whole area of Nedumudy Panchayath
2 Champakulam Village Ward No’s 1,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 of Champakulam Panchayath
2 Kainakary South Village Ward No’s 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 of Kainakary Panchayath
2 Thakazhy Village Ward No’s 3,4,5 of Thakazhy Panchayath

Revenue Jurisdiction

Kuttanad Taluk comprising Nedumudy village, Champakulam Village, Kainakary South Village, Thakazhy Village

Magisterial Jurisdiction

JFMC –Ramankary, SDMC –Alappuzha, Juvenile Justice Court – Alappuzha

Sanctioned Strength of Police Station

1 1 7 23


1. Nedumudy Panchayath
2. Champakulam Panchayath
3. Kainakary Panchayath
4. Thakazhy Panchayath


1. Nedumudy Village
2. Champakulam Village
3. Kainakary South Village
4. Thakazhy Village


1. Chennamkary Devamatha HS
2. Kandankary Devi Vilasam High school
3. Kottaram NS HSS,Nedumudy
4. Champakulam St.Mary's HS
5. Fr.Thomas Peroorkkara Central school
6. Holly Family HS for Girls Kinakary
7. St.Mary's HS ,Kainakary
8. Champakulam St.Mary's HSS
9. BBM HS,Vaisyambhagam
10. Bishop Kurialassery Public school(CBSE)
11. Govt.UPS Chirayakam
12. Govt.UPS, Thottuvathala
13. Govt. UPS,Chempumpuram
14. Govt.UPS Thottukadavu, Chennamkary
15. Govt.LPS, Ponga
16. GovtLPSAttuvathala,Nedumudy
17. Govt.LPS, Vaisyambhagam
18. SH UPS, Amichakary
19. Govt.LPS Karryakadu,Champakulam


Fr.Thomas Poroorkkara B Ed College


1. CHC Champakkulam
2. CHC Chempumpuram

Bus Stand


Important Festivals

1. St. Mary’s Church Feast of Champakkulam
2. Kottaram Sri Bhagavthi Temple festival