Pulincunnu Circle

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The Pulincunnu Circle was formed on 01.01.1970 as per order no. GO(MS)231/69/Home . Now this Circle consists of three police stations Pulincunnu, Ramankary and Kainady.

Pulincunnu Circle Inspector Office is functioning in a Govt. Building since 26.10.1995 located in Sy.202/13 A,B,C,E of Pulincunnu Village and is located near Cheruvallykavu Devi Temple. Prior to this the office was functioned in a building owned by the St.Mary’s Church Pulincunnu without rent.

Sub Division - Alappuzha

Police Stations - Pulincunnu, Ramankary and Kainady

Pulincunnu Police Station consists of Pulincunnu village, Kainakary North village, parts of Kunnumma and Champakulam villages. The correct date of opening of this police station is not known. It is considered that this Police Station had been working for about 140 years. As per an old record “Jamabandhi” there situated a “Police Kachery Building” and a “Ttanavu”(Jail) in Pulincunnu during AD-1889 in the place where the Circle office situated. Pulincunnu police station is now functioning in a Govt .building at Thekkekara vide Go (Rt) 1362/Home dtd 19.4.1993 in the Govt land in Sy,No.130/3of Champakulam Village. Boarder Police Stations are Ramankary PS and Kainady PS in the east, Nedumudy and Alappuzha South PS in the west, Kumarakom PS and Kainady PS in the north and Nedumudy PS in the South.

Ramankary Police Station consists of Ramankary, Veliyanadu, parts of Kunnumma, Muttar, and Edathuva villages. The police station was opened as per GO.(Ms) 512/Home/61 dtd.14.9.1961 and functioned in an old type govt. building. The new police stations building occupied on 26.4.1989 vide G.O.(Rt) 1918.89 Home dtd 24.4.1989. An extent of 1.84 cents in Sy.190/6,192/1 in Ramankary Village are available this police station. Boarder Police Stations are Changanasserry PS in the east, Pulincunnu PS in the west, Kainady PS in the north and Edathua PS in the South.

Kainady Police Station consists of Kavalam, Neelamperoor and parts of Kunnumma village. This police station was started functioning on 10.9.1967 vide G.O. (Rt) 1289/Home/70 dtd.19.6.1970 in an old type Govt building and shifted to a new building on 1.11.1986 vide GO (Rt) 3836/87 Home dt.16.10.1987. Again this police station was re-shifted to the old building on 17.10.1996 vide Go (Rt) 320/97 Home dtd. 21.1.1997 because of the damages caused to the building. The Police Station is now working in the new building No. 179-A in ward no -8 of Neelamperoor Panchayath in Kavalam Village which was declared as Kainady Police Station vide order no. G.O.(Rt.) No.1115/2012/Home dtd-11-04-12. and was notified vide SRO No.319/12 An extent of 2.26 cents in Sy.201 /7 ABC of Kavalam village are available at Kainady Police Station. Boarder Police Stations are Changanasserry PS and Chigavanam PS in the east, Pulincunnu PS in the west, Chingavanam PS and Kumarakam PS in the north and Ramankary PS and Pulincunnu PS in the South.

The famous"Kayal Nilams" like R- Block, C- Block, Rani Kayal, Marthandam Kayal, Chithira Kayal, H- Block , Irupathinalayiram Kayal, which were reclaimed from Vembanadu lake in which the de-watering of the polders was done manually using chakram is located in Pulincunnu circle.

Sanctioned Strength of Pulincunnu Circle

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